BBL12 cricket news: Adelaide Strikers want Marcus Stoinis given out timed out

Melbourne Stars matchwinner Marcus Stoinis dodged a New Year’s Eve controversy when he avoided being timed out despite pleas from Adelaide Strikers players.

BBL rules state an incoming batter must be ready to face their first delivery within 75 seconds.

Stoinis – who clobbered six sixes on his way to a season-best 74 from 35 balls – faced up 102 seconds after Beau Webster was caught by Peter Siddle.

Under BBL rules, the Strikers should have been given a free bowl at Stoinis’ stumps as he was not ready on time.

Strikers import Adam Hose said he was adamant Stoinis had exceeded the time limit.

He revealed the Strikers appealed for Stoinis to be timed out but their questioning fell on deaf ears.

“He’s a top-class player, but to be honest I was at cover for his first ball and I’m pretty certain he timed out,” Strikers’ batter Adam Hose said of Stoinis.

“(He had) 75 seconds and he wasn’t ready. So, there was a bit of confusion there with the umpires.

“We were all appealing … I’m not quite sure what happened there. I’m pretty certain his time was up.

“He’d faced his first ball by the time we managed to get around the umpire and ask the question, but I just hope that if it is the rule that we can play by it.

But Stoinis said he was delayed facing up as Adelaide adjusted its field.

“I checked centre (stump), got there, and was standing off because I saw the field moving,” he said.

“But I actually didn’t even know that I had to stand there regardless.”

Hose told “Umpires have been very hot on me the last couple of games getting to the crease,” Hose said.

“I’ve been warned about it a few times and had to change my first-ball routine.

“I guess that’s why my frustration came in, because they’ve been very hot on me.

“I just hope, moving forward into the rest of the tournament, if it’s going to be a rule then it has to be enforced.”

Stoinis said he hoped a commonsense approach would be applied in future innings.

“There were a few times there where the fielders were moving when we were taking guard and we were ready,” Stoinis said.

“My understanding was that while the field is moving … I’m not going to stand there until I can see (what the final fielding set-up looks like).

“Apparently, you have to be facing up.

“There was a dead ball with Hilts (Hilton Cartwright), they appealed for that, but the field was moving so it ended up being a dead ball.”

The 75-second rule was introduced in BBL11 and is also applied in the Women’s Big Bash League.

The Stars made 7-186 thanks to Stoinis’ heroics and held on for an eight-run win as Adelaide posted 5-178 in reply.

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