Cricket 2022: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s stitches David Warner up, Rabbitohs, Candice Warner

After his time as Prime Minister ends, Anthony Albanese’s next move may be an Aussie reboot of Punk’d after he stitched up David Warner at Kirribilli House.

The traditional New Years invite saw the Aussie and South African cricket teams and their families gather at prime ministerial residence ahead of the third Test starting on Wednesday at the SCG.

While the tradition has taken place for several years across several PMs, Albanese took the gathering as a chance to finally corner Warner after trying to convince him to switch NRL allegiances.

Albo is a diehard South Sydney Rabbitohs fan while Warner is a Sydney Roosters fan.

His wife Candice however sides with Albo following the Bunnies.

“We first met in Melbourne after my 200 and he was trying to get me to follow the Rabbitohs then,” Warner said with a smile. “No chance!”

But Albo isn’t about to give up that easy.

Cornering Warner, he presented the Aussie opener with a Rabbitohs cap.

With Albo laughing maniacally in the background, Warner tried to give it to Candice.

“That’s great, no I can’t,” Warner said, before the suggestion of a photo op.

It was a suggestion Warner didn’t seem too comfortable with.

Giving some Blue Steel, Warner said: “I’m not smiling”, before breaking out in laughter.

“This is a stitch up,” Warner said as Albo walked away.

Warner took to Instagram after the news, writing: “Just an FYI, I am a @sydneyroosters supporter. I could not disrespect the Prime Minister and say no to a photo Op.”

At least Warner saw the funny side of the stitch up.

But Warner arguably got his own back when the Prime Minister bowled to his daughters as his eight-year-old daughter crushed plenty of shots, including off the Labor leader.

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