Kevin Walters sledge: Selwyn Cobbo apologises for suggesting Brisbane Broncos leader isn’t a ‘good coach’

Brisbane Broncos star Selwyn Cobbo has apologised for sledging his coach Kevin Walters, suggesting his comments were ‘taken out of context’.

During an interview on ‘Back of the 135′ podcast’ in October last year, Cobbo stated that although Walters was a ‘good bloke’, he wasn’t a ‘good coach’.

“I reckon he’s a good person,” Cobbo said on the podcast.

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“He’s a good person, like a good bloke but I don’t think he’s a good coach. He’s not the best coach but he’s alright.

“I feel like he’s just a good person but I don’t reckon he’s a coach. Even though he experienced footy, been through all the grand finals and all that, but I feel like he’s not a coach.

“But he’s a good person, a good bloke and does a lot for the club. But the way he coaches is a bit weird, I guess. He’s a good person though. He’s an alright coach.”

After Cobbo’s comments on Walters surfaced on social media on Saturday, the Broncos released a statement with Cobbo apologising for what he said about his coach.

Cobbo claimed he was joking and listed reasons why he believes Walters is actually a ‘good coach’.

“Today’s article on a podcast I did last year has been taken out of context,” Cobbo’s statement read.

“It was two guys chatting and joking about silly things like the comments about Kev that had been made by Tyson.

“The fact is that Kev is a very good coach, as are all of our coaches at the Broncos. I was lucky enough to play Origin for Queensland last year and that is off the back of the coaching of Kev and his team.

“Kev has taught me a lot since coming into the NRL squad and provided me with great support as I adjusted to the professionalism of NRL.  

“I was late to training a few times and instead of cutting me, he educated me and supported me.

“When I felt burnt out late in the year, Kev rested me and when he thought I was ready he gave me more responsibilities.

“I have already contacted Kev to apologise and I’d like to extend that to his family and the whole Broncos club for this unwarranted attention over some silly comments from me.”

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