Michael Neser’s BBL catch should prompt law change, says Josh Hazlewood

Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood has called for cricket’s laws to be changed to prevent a repeat of Michael Neser’s controversial catch in the BBL.

Sydney Sixers batter Jordan Silk was dismissed following an extraordinary piece of fielding by Brisbane’s Neser, after his momentum took him over the boundary rope as he completed the catch at the Gabba.

Neser threw the ball in the air twice, including once while in the air over the boundary.

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It was all within the laws of the game, but that should change according to Hazlewood.

“I didn’t like it all,” he said.

“I think it should be back to the old rule where you have to be in the field of play and that’s your last step before you throw it back in. It was something different and ‘Ness’ is pretty cluey with the rules. It worked for them.

“Players are definitely aware of the rule. I’m not sure when [the rule] changed, but it was a few years back.”

Hazlewood found support from fellow fast bowler Trent Boult, with the New Zealand star another calling for the game’s lawmakers to step in.

“I didn’t realise that was the rule,” said Boult.

“I think it might need addressing.

“I think it’s a tough one, but to make it clear, I think you should have to touch the field of play again once you come back over the rope.”

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