New Joe Westerman video leaked as rugby player laughs off fans’ X-rated chant

Rugby league love rat Joe Westerman ran a gauntlet of shame as graphic new footage of him having sex in an alleyway was leaked.

The star, 33, smiled as he was jeered over the viral video ahead of Castleford Tigers’s season opener on the weekend, The Sun reports.

The dad-of three, who was filmed on his knees with a woman who was not his wife, was branded a “dirty b******” as his team arrived at Hull FC’s MKM Stadium.

Despite the scandal, Westerman was named in the starting line-up by Tigers head coach Lee Radford.

His inclusion raised eyebrows among fans after another 10-second clip of Westerman fumbling with a blonde mum-of-two emerged.

The disgraced rugby star, who had been on an epic 15-hour booze bender, is again seen with his trousers and pants wrapped around his ankles.

His married lover, who has since lost her job, is seen resting up against a wall.

The latest clip is likely to heap further pressure on police to investigate the player for outraging public decency.

Cops have so far refused to launch a probe despite the couple being caught in a well lit alleyway in full view of a nearby high street.

But they may now be forced to re-examine their decision given the location and the number of people who saw them.

The woman, who has not been named, is understood to be a friend’s partner.

Fans had mixed views of Westerman’s inclusion in the Castleford starting line-up.

The disgraced star was booed in some quarters of the MKM stadium as the teams were announced – but received a rousing cheer from Castleford’s away following.

Tigers fans chanted vulgar songs in support of Westerman but he barely touched the ball in a horrendous start for Castleford.

They found themselves 16-0 down after just 16 minutes thanks to three Hull tries.

However, Hull FC fan Natalie Chadwell, 40, blasted: “He’s a dirty b******.

“It’s a disgrace that he’s playing after what he has done to his wife and his kids.

“Rugby League is meant to be a family game – what message does he send that he’s out on the pitch?

“It’s disgusting. The woman he was with has been sacked from her job – why hasn’t he been sacked from his?

“I think it’s a joke. Castleford have said they’ve given him a substantial fine – but that’s nothing.

“A proper punishment would be stopping him from playing. Honestly, I’m appalled that he is here. What message does it send?”

Fellow supporter Phil Wilson, 54, added: “It was such a silly thing to do. I thought he might not play because his head wouldn’t be in the right place.

“The annoying thing is he’s still capable of putting in a man of the match performance.”

Son Luke, 19, added: “I thought he would be at home trying to save his marriage than be in Hull playing rugby.”

Castleford fans were more supportive of their star player.

Kayleigh Nash, 21, said: “He’s been fined and I don’t think he needs to be punished any further.

“I don’t think his private life should interfere with his profession. He’s done a very stupid thing – but that’s Westy for you.”

Fellow Tigers supporter Josh Radford, 23, from York, added: “He’s brought a bit of shame on the club – but that’s nothing compared to what he’s done to his family.

“But I think it would have made it worse if he didn’t play. The club have dealt with it and we can move on.”

Tom Walton, 18, added: “He’s a brilliant player. What he’s done is awful for his family but he has a job to do. What has happened has not nothing to do with rugby.

“If he worked in an office he’d still be turning up for his job, so what’s the difference?”

And pal Ethan Price, 22, said: “It’s sad what he’s done – and you can’t help but feel so sorry for his poor wife and his kids.”

His wife Lauren Westerman, 33, said there were “no excuses” over the video and that her husband had been caught with the blonde estate agent following a daylong drinking session.

Lauren, 33, told The Sun: “Truth is, he only told me because it was on social media.

“But I’m glad it was found because the thought of kissing him after that just makes me feel sick.”

The disgusted mum-of-three previously said: “I’ve relived that footage over and over again.

“It’s something I’ll never be able to get out of my mind, no matter how hard I try.”

Westerman later made a grovelling public apology to his family and friends after the graphic video went viral.

He has also tried contacting his heartbroken wife and sent text messages begging for her back. “Words will never ever explain how sorry I am,” he wrote.

“I can’t explain what happened cos I physically can’t remember.

“It’s disgusting and I now have to live with it forever.

“Losing you and the kids is heartbreaking Lauren, you deserve so much better.”

Another message read: “You always said alcohol would f*** me up.”

More followed, including: “I need you to know I can’t remember anything about that night. I look like a zombie.”

In a statement on February 14, Westerman apologised to his family and his club, saying he is “incredibly remorseful”.

He vowed: “I need to work on my decision-making around alcohol.”

But Lauren has also made a vow – to never take him back after she kicked him out of the West Yorkshire family home.

The 33-year-old said the “marriage is over”, adding: “There are absolutely no excuses for what he’s done, not just to me but to our children and wider family.”

She shared details with The Sun about how the rugby star’s 15-hour booze binge had destroyed their family.

“Everything between us was fine, he FaceTimed me at 4pm on Saturday while he was out and then texted at 2.30am to say he couldn’t get in because he didn’t have his house keys,” she said.

“I was staying overnight at my mum’s house and he texted the next morning to say how rough he felt, but that was it. There was no inkling of what was to come.”

However, Lauren’s world stopped when Joe finally revealed the truth.

She explained: “Later that night, Joe was at our neighbour’s house and he said, ‘I need to talk to you’.

“His face just dropped and he looked totally different.

“He said, ‘I’ve done something last night … I’ve been videoed with a girl with my pants down’.

“I asked to see the video and he said he didn’t have it but that it was on Twitter.

“I went on to Twitter and saw it had been deleted and deleted loads of times and then about half an hour later it was posted again and that’s when I saw it.

“I just felt physically sick.

“My next thought was for my 14-year-old daughter and whether I could get to her before she saw it.

“But it was too late. She kept being added to these Snapchat groups from school and being sent the video.

“She left the groups but kept being added to more and it was sent to her again and again and again.

“Our nine-year-old was also sent a screenshot of the video in messages.

“That’s their dad and I feel so sorry for them that they’ve had to see something like that.”

When the footage first went viral, Lauren and Joe were accused of being “filthy tramps” when fans thought she was the woman in the video.

Fuming Lauren logged back on and wrote: “Can I make this VERY clear that this is NOT me!!!!!!”

She added: “And we have three children, one of whom is almost 15, and she doesn’t need to see things like this all over social media!”

Sitting at the dining room table of a pal’s home, Lauren was remarkably charitable, saying: “I thought it was forever.

“We’ve had our ups and downs but always managed to find our way back together.

“This is just incredibly sad. I feel heartbroken, angry, sad and disappointed.

“He’s laid waste to everything. I haven’t been able to sleep because of it. But there is no way back.

“I want us to get on eventually and have a really good co-parenting life.

“I want the kids to want to see their dad. I want him now to use this to turn his life around, do counselling or whatever he is doing through the club, stop drinking and be a good dad.

“That is all I want and I’d like to think that this time next year he will be an advocate for not drinking. For some people, drinking is the devil.”

She added: “I’ve got no choice but to be strong now. I could sit and cry in a ball, let the kids see me and they’d dislike their daddy even more. That’s not what I want at all.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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