‘No excuse’ – Cameron Munster admits to Wayne Bennett mistake after re-signing for Melbourne Storm

Cameron Munster has conceded he showed Wayne Bennett a lack of respect by not informing the coach he wouldn’t be joining the Dolphins.

The Melbourne Storm star was strongly linked with a move to the new NRL club but surprised many by opting to re-sign with the Storm on a four-year deal this week. 

Munster’s decision was a big blow for Bennett, who wasn’t happy that the player didn’t inform him personally of his choice.  

The 28-year-old admits he should’ve reached out to Bennett and hopes their relationship hasn’t been ruined by it. 

“I understand his frustration. I was going to talk,” Munster told 9News Sydney.

“I spoke to Braith (his manager Braith Anasta) about whether I should talk to him before it gets out, and he just told me to wait until it leaks at eight o’clock.

“By the time we got to eight o’clock, I was obviously jumping on flights and stuff.

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“It’s disappointing, I have a really good relationship with Wayne and I don’t know if I’ve made it any worse. 

“I had every right to give him the utmost respect and give him a call, and there’s no excuse, I should’ve still given him a call.

“I definitely will give him a call, I think that’s the respectful thing to do, and I know I will. I’ve just got to make sure I find some time at the moment.

“I understand his frustrations. I was 50-50 at times and giving him mixed messages and mixed emotions, so I can understand where he’s coming from.”

Bennett has revealed he never truly expected Munster to join the Dolphins as the club continues to search for their star player with plenty of room left in their salary cap. 

“I’m OK, I never had any great confidence in the end of getting Cameron,” Bennett told Triple M in Brisbane.

“I’m not disappointed. Initially I thought Cameron would come but as time went on I knew. I never felt we had him.

“I have changed clubs myself and Cameron never gave me an indication he was coming to the Dolphins.

“He wasn’t coming for next season anyway, so we will have a lot of money in the salary cap and we won’t spend it until we get that quality player.”

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