NRL 2023: Kevin Walters response to Selwyn Cobbo, Brisbane Broncos, coach, podcast, comments, not a good coach

Under siege Broncos coach Kevin Walters has admitted Selwyn Cobbo’s comments hurt after he became the second player to question his coaching credentials.

Cobbo told the ‘Back of the 135’ podcast, he did not think Walters was a good coach despite being a good person, around the time Tyson Gamble also questioned Walters’ coaching style before his switch to the Knights.

“Certainly it did,” Walters said on Channel 9 when asked if the comments hurt.

“Yeah it was disappointing from that regard.”

Walters insisted he has buried the hatchet with Cobbo, but admitted the comments from his 20-year-old Origin winger were out of line.

“We spoke about it and had a good chat,” Walters said.

“I won’t say father-son, but along those lines.

“Knowing Selwyn as I do and as we do here at the club, I thought that was a little bit out of line from Selwyn.

“It is not normally his character to be like that.

“But he rang me pretty early in the morning not long after it all surfaced and was very apologetic.”

The fact that two players have publicly voiced their concerns around Walters’ coaching credentials begs the question how many of the Broncos’ current squad share the same feelings privately.

However, Walters believes that criticism comes with the territory of being an NRL coach.

“Even the great Wayne Bennett has got his critics, so I’m no different,” Walters said.

“But I’m a big believer in what we are doing here and how we are going about it and we will stay on that path and it is great that Selwyn will be on that path as well.”

Walters was keen to move on from the embarrassing fiasco and believes it can be a catalyst for growth ahead of the 2023 season, which is the final year in his deal to coach the club as he hunts a new contract.

“We have all learnt from it,” Walters said.

“Certainly myself and also Selwyn, so we will get on with things and look forward to building a great future here with Selwyn and the Broncos.”

Cobbo was criticised for back-tracking on his comments in a podcast in a Broncos statement after he clearly said he didn’t believe Walters was a good coach.

“He’s a good person, like a good bloke but I don’t think he’s a good coach. He’s not the best coach but he’s alright,” Cobbo said.

“I feel like he’s just a good person but I don’t reckon he’s a coach. Even though he experienced footy, been through all the grand finals and all that, but I feel like he’s not a coach.

“But he’s a good person, a good bloke and does a lot for the club. But the way he coaches is a bit weird, I guess. He’s a good person though. He’s an alright coach.”

The Broncos released a statement later on Sunday morning in which Cobbo apologised for the “silly comments” while claiming they had been “taken out of context”.

Originally published as ‘Out of line’: Kevin Walters admits Broncos star’s ‘disappointing’ comments hurt

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