PDC Darts World Championship: Michael Smith defeats Michael van Gerwin, perfect game, video, reaction

Strap yourselves in folks, you’re about to witness one of the most electric sporting clips you’re ever likely to witness.

A perfect game doesn’t come around too often in the sporting world, whether it be a 300 in bowling or a no hitter in baseball.

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When they do roll around the energy and atmosphere among those watching it unfold is palpable.

On Wednesday sports fans were treated to one of these moments, but it was like nothing anybody had ever seen before.

In darts a perfect game consists of knocking over the 501 score in only 9 darts. Achieving the feat is a phenomenal task, doing it during the final of the world championships is god like.

As Michael Smith and Michael van Gerwen entered the third leg of the second set, magic unfolded on the stage.

The commentators were going nuts, the crowd was taking the roof off and social media went into meltdown as the clip spread like wildfire through the internet.

Watch the unbelievable moment in the video player above.

Van Gerwen got things underway with three triple 20s, Smith answered immediately with three triple 20s of his own.

It was then van Gerwen’s time again and he rolled out two triple 20s and a triple 19 to drop to 144, Smith hit back with three more triple 20s.

The crowd was up off their feet, the commentators voices were going hoarse as van Gerwen stepped to the line needing two triple 20s and a double 12.

“There’s nothing in it, they may both be on nines. Michael may hit and Michael may miss,” one commentator said.

“They’re both on nines, THEY’RE BOTH ON A NINE. This is insane.”

It wasn’t to be for van Gerwen as his third dart missed the mark by mere millimetres. Over to Smith it went who needed a triple 20, triple 19 and double 12.

The Englishman made no mistake as he nailed all three darts and saluted the crowd with a pumped up fist.

“One man misses, does the other man get it. I have never seen the like. YES! That is the most amazing leg of darts you will ever see in your life. I can’t speak.”

Another commentator added: “That is simply absolutely unbelievable. The crowd are going berserk. That is the best leg of darts ever.”

Smith’s moment of magic was quickly followed up by a brilliant comeback that saw him erase a two-sets to love lead for van Gerwen.

Rallying back Smith won the PDC World Championship contest 3-2 as he rushed off the stage into the arms of his family to celebrate.

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