WBC boxing rankings, explained: Why Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury winner earns cruiserweight points

Jake Paul, boxing world champion? No, that isn’t a hypothetical question or an attempt for a laugh. If Paul can get past Tommy Fury, “The Problem Child” may be one step closer to holding gold around his waist. 

Just imagine someone telling you that three years ago. To some, even in 2023 it’s still unbelievable to think of that. To be clear, we’re still a LONG ways away.

Paul and Fury face off on February 26. Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Arena will host the bout, the third time the two have attempted to touch gloves. It is a classic battle between YouTuber and boxer, a common theme of the last few years of boxing. 

Paul’s fights have been met with praise and ridicule. Fury will be Paul’s first opponent with credible boxing experience. Although the combined record of Fury’s opponents before facing him was 24-176-5, his 8-0 record is impressive, especially compared to Paul’s resume against former NBA stars, YouTubers, and MMA figures.

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Money and bragging rights are on the line. With a fight of this magnitude, one would think something of true value would be on the line. Ask and you shall receive, although some boxing fans may not have wanted what is coming. 

Paul and Fury will fight for the opportunity to compete for gold. Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC President, confirmed via a press release that Paul would earn a ranking number within the WBC’s cruiserweight division if he beats Fury. He later told SunSport that Fury would also receive a ranking if he beat Paul.

“Jake Paul has been close to The WBC for several years, starting with the first event promoted in the UK when his brother, Logan, fought KSI; On that night, Jake won The WBC amateur belt in the undercard fights,” Sulaiman stated.

”Jake has dedication and respect to the sport, and The WBC will not tolerate discrimination against anyone, he deserves the opportunities that any other boxer has. He demonstrated punching power and improved skills as well as a solid chin, Tommy Fury represents a clear challenge to Paul in a battle of two undefeated professional boxers.”

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WBC Boxing Rankings for Cruiserweight Division

The WBC’s rankings reach 40 contenders, with the top 15 eligible to fight for gold. There could be a major shift in the WBC’s rankings, depending on how either man does.

Here is a look at the current top-15 rankings of the WBC via the WBC’s own website: 

Ranking Fighter (Record)
Champion Ilunga Makabu (29-2)
1 Noel Mikaelyan (26-2)
2 Thabiso Mchunu (23-6)
3 Badou Jack (27-3-3)
4 Sergey Kovalev (35-4-1)
5 Richard Riakporhe (16-0) 
6 Chris Billam-Smith (17-1)
7 Ryan Rozicki (17-1)
8 Mateusz Masternak (47-5)
9 Yamil Alberto Peralta (14-1) 
10 Yunier Dorticos (26-2)
11 Michal Cieslak (23-2)
12 Andrew Tabiti (20-1)
13 Olanrewaju Durodola (40-9)
14 Mike Perez (27-3-1)
15 Brandon Glanton (17-1)

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