World Cup: Channel 9’s Emma Lawrence robbed

Channel 9 star Emma Lawrence and her cameraman have had gear worth $20,000 stolen from them at the Rugby League World Cup in England.

Lawrence and her cameraman Cade Thompson woke on Thursday to find their car had been broken into and equipment had been taken.

Police are now investigating and Nine have replaced the equipment.

It comes after the Lebanese footy team were robbed at their hotel in Manchester during the tournament.

Laptops and even the team kit was stolen from their accommodation – but their jerseys were eventually found on a nearby building site.

In a separate incident, they later chased down and stopped a would-be thief who entered their hotel room in Manchester.

They performed a citizen’s arrest until police arrived.

“We had another intruder last night,” Lebanon coach Michael Cheika said.

“They say we’re part-timers – I think the other part-time [work] we’re doing is security.

“Someone came in the team room and I’m not sure what happened, but they called me, thank goodness, so I got down there and settled it all down and the police did their bit after that.

“It was an early kick-off [the next day] – I didn’t want them chasing blokes down the street at 10pm.”

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