World Cup in Qatar: Socceroos fans in most awkward seats against Tunisia at Al Janoub Stadium

A pair of mystery Australian fans have become cult heroes at the World Cup in Qatar after being spotted in arguably the most awkward seats of the tournament.

Fans in Australian gold colours appeared to have been sitting in the middle of the Tunisian active supporters crowd during Australia’s famous 1-0 win on Saturday night.

Whether it was an act of naivety, sheer brazenness or desperation, the fans are winning admiration across cyber space.

They have also had fans chuckling across the internet at the awkwardness of their situation.

The pair were seen on the TV broadcast several times.

It is well known Tunisia is one of the most supported teams in Qatar with an ex-pat community of 30,000 living in the Gulf state.

According to reports a further 20,000 Tunisians have travelled to Qatar for the tournament and the Al Janoub Stadium was a sea of red outside of nominated Australian supporter bays.

The crowd of 41,823 created a home game atmosphere for the Tunisian team, until Mitch Duke silenced the stadium with his silky header.

In defence of the Socceroos supporters in question, it seemed Tunisian fans made the same mistake with seats surrounded by Aussie fans.

Earlier, it was Aussie fans back home making headlines with vision of mad celebrations at Melbourne’s Federation Square going viral.

Thousands of fans packed into Federation Square to watch the Socceroos’ 1-0 win over Tunisia on Saturday night — Australia’s first World Cup win since 2010.

When the big screens showed the moment Mitch Duke scored to put Australia ahead 1-0 it was absolute madness in Melbourne as the group of fans went berserk.

One high angle shot captured the perfect moment it all kicked off.

The video is spreading across cyberspace with news sites in the United States, Canada, Europe and the UK all reporting on the epic response.

Vision of the wild scenes after Duke’s goal quickly made it all the way to Qatar with Socceroos skipper Mat Ryan tweeting a clip after the game.

“Moments that unite a nation #scenes,” he wrote.

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